Welcome Irene!

Contributed by Marla Taylor

Irene Gates recently joined the Robert S. Peabody Museum as Temporary Archivist.

Her position will focus on increasing access to the significant archival materials held by the museum, which include museum records dating from the early 20th century onwards, archaeological excavation records, photographs, and papers of individuals associated with the museum.

Irene received her MS degree in Library and Information Science with an Archives Management Concentration from Simmons College two years ago, and has since worked as a contract Processing Archivist for the City of Boston Archives and the Harvard Business School Baker Library Special Collections.

The Temporary Archivist position is supported by a generous grant from the Oak River Foundation of Peoria, Ill. to support work pertaining to the intellectual and physical control of the museum’s collections. We hope this gift will inspire others to support our work to better catalog, document, and make accessible the Peabody’s world-class collections of objects, photographs, and archival materials. If you would like information on how you can help please contact Peabody director Ryan Wheeler at rwheeler@andover.edu or 978 749 4493.

As she dives into the archives, Irene will share some of the gems she finds on the blog – keep your eyes peeled!

Irene with boxes of documents
Irene with a small portion of the Peabody’s archival information.

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