Loan to the Molina Family Latino Gallery

Contributed by Marla Taylor

Did you know that the Smithsonian is opening a new gallery – the Molina Family Latino Gallery of the National Museum of the American Latino – dedicated to highlighting Latino contributions to the United States? 

I learned about this cool gallery about 18 months ago when the Peabody Institute was first contacted about potentially loaning an item from the collection for the inaugural exhibition that will open in mid-2022.  The exhibition is the first to be presented by the National Museum of the American Latino.  We were thrilled to contribute a small piece to the important story of how Latinos and Latinas inform and shape U.S. history. 

What did they want to borrow? 

Vessel depicting the Pueblo Revolt by Jason Garcia

This amazing vessel by Jason Garcia (Okuu Pin), Santa Clara Pueblo, is an exploration of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  Garcia is known for his mixture of traditional materials and methods with pop culture.  Past blog posts have discussed this piece and his work.

After months of correspondence and paperwork, the vessel was packed for transportation in mid-February of this year.  It is always a pleasure to watch skilled art handlers create custom packaging and work to ensure that items make it safely to their destination.  The team was great and the vessel is awaiting installation in its new temporary home.

I enjoyed learning more about the Molina Family Latino Gallery and the National Museum of the American Latino and encourage you to explore the newest branch of the Smithsonian.  Keep your eyes peeled for an online version of the gallery later in 2022 for those who are unable to travel there in person.

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