Construction Begins

Contributed by Marla Taylor

It is finally happening – the Peabody Institute building project is underway!

It has been quite a whirlwind preparing for this project over the past months (planning began in earnest about a year ago).  

Since my last update, the full collection has been relocated within the building, asbestos has been remediated, the old storage bays have been demolished, and staff transitioned to working at small folding tables.  We made the move to our temporary office space on-campus and are beginning to settle in.

So much credit goes to the Peabody staff members (and past interns) who collaborated to facilitate keeping the collection safe and organized during this process – thank you all!

We will keep you updated on progress as we are able.

This project will rely on philanthropic support from our donor community. To help advance this critical renovation, please contact Beth Parsons, director for museums and educational outreach, at 978-749-4523 or

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